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About Me

I'm a recent masters graduate with a degree in limnology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have a background in physics and environmental science and a passion for fluid dynamics, sensor development, and ice phenology.


I was born in New Jersey and grew up in a town that boasted more cows than people. When I was little I dreamed of being an engineer due to a fascination with Legos and bridges. However, a high school physics class made me see the beauty of physics.

At Dickinson I studied applied physics working it into every aspect of my classes. Some of my favorite courses were Oceanography and Environmental Physics as I felt I was using my knowledge in a practical manner.

In my time outside of class I was involved on campus in APO (our co-ed service fraternity), the Peddler (a student run coffee cart), as a First Year Mentor (where I helped a group of 18 freshman adjust to college life), and Dickinson's Sustainable Investment Group.

Before starting my Master's, I was a lab manager and researcher at Dr. Jeremy Manning's lab at Dartmouth College. There I mentored a team of undergraduates, worked on free-recall experiments, coded in multiple languages, and explored the White Mountains.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my advisor, Dr. Hilary Dugan, and I studied how changing ice-on and -off times effect lake ecosystems.

Education & Research Experience

University of Wisconsin-Madison

August 2018- December 2020

Master's in Freshwater and Marine Sciences

My graduate research is focused on how lake ice-on and -off times are changing and how these changes are impacting lake ecosystem. I am interested in the feedback loop occurring with ecosystems surrounding a lake as these times change. More specifically, I am interested in how under-ice organisms are changing and how phytoplankton and algae growth rates are differing due to changing ice times.

Dickinson College

Graduated: May 2017

B.S. in Physics & Certificate in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Dickinson I worked on serval different research projects including a renewable energy biogas project at the college farm, an impact study on groins in Cape Henlopen, and wrote two senior theses: "Where do Different Sized Particles Accumulate on Gravity-Capillary Waves?" and "Exploring the Feasibility of a Colocation Project in Carlisle, PA"

Dickinson College Independent Research: Interfacing a Solar Air Heater with a Methane Producing Biogas Digester

Spring/Summer 2016

During a multi-semester independent research project the team explored optimization methods of the college farm's biogas digester. This involved designing and building a solar air heater, creating different ways for biogas to be transported and used around the farm, and partnering with Bucknell University to test and measure the productivity of the digester.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Atmospheric Science and Oceanic Sciences

REU and LTER Fellow: Summer 2015

Working with Dr. Reed and Dr. Desai, I researched soil-water flux and new methodologies of measuring lake ice depth. Using an environmental climate chamber it was possible to simulate lake ice growth conditions. We used our simulations to find correlations between the volumetric soli water content readings from Campbell Scientific 616 sensors to ice depth. This work was presented at the Fall 2015 AGU conference and was published. A follow up study to this method was done during non-stimulated ice conditions in the 2015-2016 winter on Lake Mendota, WI.

Selected Work


Hasler Laboratory of Limnology 680 N. Park Street Madison, WI 53706